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Golden Market Tote

Image of Golden Market Tote


Our Golden Market Tote, developed in collaboration with APOLIS and perfect for carrying precious cargo, is guaranteed to ensure you always 'BRING HOME THE GOLD'.

Product Specifications:
100% Natural Golden Jute fiber, waterproof lining, and reinforced natural vegetable dyed leather straps.

13" Wide, 18" High, 8" Deep, with 6" x 7" interior pocket.

Handcrafted in Bangladesh and finished in California. Spot Clean and Air Dry.

APOLIS (a-pöl-is), meaning 'global citizen', is a Los Angeles based lifestyle brand that strives to bridge commerce and economic development worldwide. As part of their Bangladesh Project, our Golden Market Tote has played a key role in providing employment for 21 women within the tiny country, a project that has grown from 50 bags to over 10,000 and counting, through partners in six countries.